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People buy based on emotion, not facts. The best way to create emotion is by telling stories about your business or service. What story do you need to tell? READ MORE


I’ve written stories for myriad businesses, organizations and individuals. I’m grateful for their willingness to share their experience here. READ MORE


I thought the best way to give you a feel for my writing is to share examples from across the spectrum of business and personal projects. READ MORE

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…If you are looking for advice on: passive income schemes, improving your sex life (or anybody’s sex life for that matter), becoming the person you were meant to be (but probably won’t be), having “it” all, oil painting for beginners, coin collecting, etc. etc. I have no advice to give, no wisdom to impart, no expertise to share. I make no promises, have no positions, bear no grudges. I’m just a writer writing an occasional blog post on topics that are yet to be determined. GUARANTEE: If, after 30 days, you are not completely satisfied with this blog, return it with proof-of-purchase and I will refund ALL of the time you wasted reading it. No Questions Asked.

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BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Crisis at My Border

DATELINE: Cincinnati, OH March 12, 2019 A caravan of migrant squirrels from Mexico (or possibly, Pittsburgh) has amassed outside of our privacy fence. They are seeking both asylum and orange peels. The crisis began to unfold on January 20th when, for my birthday,  my left-leaning Kate gave me three bird feeders, a one-thousand-pound bag of […]

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Chop Wood, Have Sex

Thursday is the most important, manufactured holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day. Which means, on Wednesday, the Hallmark aisle at Kroger’s will be clogged with panicked men searching for just the right, over-priced card to show how much they love their spouse. And mother. This seems like the perfect time to reflect on a sad, […]


Grace Intervenes

On September 14, 2017, my wife Kate was in a freak accident in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin. She broke her back in two places, broke her femur and suffered a serious concussion that occasionally bares its teeth a year and a half later. She was fortunate, as the results of the accident could have […]