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Chop Wood, Have Sex

Thursday is the most important, manufactured holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day. Which means, on Wednesday, the Hallmark aisle at Kroger’s will be clogged with panicked men searching for just the right, over-priced card to show how much they love their spouse. And mother. This seems like the perfect time to reflect on a sad, […]


Grace Intervenes

On September 14, 2017, my wife Kate was in a freak accident in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin. She broke her back in two places, broke her femur and suffered a serious concussion that occasionally bares its teeth a year and a half later. She was fortunate, as the results of the accident could have […]

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Birthday Reflections

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.”                                                                                                            Vladimir Nabokov I am writing this on the morning of my 61st birthday. As I have done for nearly two decades, I began my day with 30 […]

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You Dirty Cossack Bastard!

Today is Orthodox Christmas. And yes, you may wish me a Merry Christmas. Also, feel free to send gifts. Cash or athletic socks are the traditional Orthodox Christmas gifts. I was raised in the Christian Orthodox faith. My mother was Ukrainian Orthodox and my father Russian Orthodox. Essentially the same religion, except for the fact […]

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Our Year of Living Heroically

In his 1974 Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Denial of Death” cultural anthropologist Earnest Becker said: “This is the terror: to have emerged from nothing, to have a name, consciousness of self, deep inner feelings, an excruciating inner yearning for life and self-expression – and with all this yet to die. It seems like a hoax. . […]

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What Would Hemingway Do?

I recently learned that I  need to build an author’s platform. At first, this was a frightening thought because I’m terrible with my hands and my wife is reluctant to let me use her power tools. Fortunately, I soon learned that “platform” is used metaphorically, whatever metaphorically means Everyone and their third cousin twice removed, […]

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Like What You Do

We often associate friends with certain moments in our lives, special events such as a cross-country road trip or our first concert or a particularly nasty one-night tequila bender. I will always associate Lori Wellinghoff with 9/11. Lori was part of the leadership team with Local Marketing Corporation,